Oh-So-Lovely Plant Sources

We will be sourcing plants regularly and adding links to some wonderful plants that will add some old-fashioned garden romance to your arbors, trellises, flower beds, and fence rows.
 April 9th, 2012

This is a new hydrangea created by The Conard-Pyle Co and added to their catalog. It is a stunning deep blue if grown in acidic soil at the edge of a wood or under trees. When grown in more open locations, expect to see a mauve shade. Perfect for your romantic garden. Zones 6 to 9. Please see their catalog for nursery locations.

Hydrangea 'Annie's Blue''Hydrangea 'Annie's Blue'
Botanical Name: Hydrangea 'Annie's Blue' 
"A new introduction closely related to Hydrangea 'Blue Billows'.  'Annie's Blue' displays a larger profusion of lace-cap flowers that are deep blue when grown in acidic soils and mauve when grown in more neutral soils."

  February 26th, 2012
Looking for a deal on Rose Collections? Hortico, that well-known rose nursery in Watertown, Ontario has put together special groupings of roses. They ship everywhere and shipping costs are included in the prices. For $125 you get 10 roses in five different rose type categories. They pick which roses to send, but you can pick the rose type. You can choose from Hybrid Teas, Floribundas, English Roses, Old Roses, or Climbing Roses. Individually, the roses cost $14.50, so you'll be saving $20. This is a great way to bring a big bundle of  billowing roses into your romantic garden.
 A Scene From my Garden
Rosa Rugosa in the foreground

 February 3rd, 2012
Look for David Austin's new rose, Queen Anne. Like most of David Austin's roses, it is fully double. This rose is so pink and old-rose looking in appearance, you can almost smell it simply by looking at the photo. It is listed as hardy and strong with excellent repeat blooms. "Queen Anne" can be ordered direct in the UK. It doesn't appear to be available in the US, sadly. What could be more romantic than a new pink English rose, though. There are two new English roses listed that are available in the US this year, "Princess Anne" with a long flowering season, and "Skylark" with its cup-shaped blooms. "Skylark" blooms appear to be reminiscent of the first English rose and my personal favorite, "Constance Spry."

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