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I'm a writer who gardens or a gardener who writes, happy and contented in either endeavor. My Romantic Gardening blog is intended to encourage discussions on aesthetic gardening as well as give me a platform to talk about my favorite garden plants, like roses, plants that climb, plants that spread, plants that are happiest when left to do as they please.

The chamomile seat in the Herb Garden at Sissinghurst
"As a gardener, I love the chaos the garden brings, the happy accidents of nature. As a writer, the garden inspires me to sing its praises."

Lorraine's work can be found online at Constant Content and Vintage Morning.
She also writes gardening articles for SFGate Homeguides, a section of the San Francisco Chronicle's website, via Demand Media Studios.
She was a feature writer and topic editor for Suite101 until recently when they cancelled those programs. The site is in the process of restructuring.
She is a regular contributor to Treasures, an antiques magazine based in Calgary, Alberta, and she has been published in Canadian Living Magazine and Mountainside Fitness.         
"Complicata" Rose -- my garden in Ontario, Zone 5b

(Above photos by Lorraine Syratt ©2012)
Notes on the "Complicata" Rose ...
This is an old Gallica rose that sends out long canes throughout the summer. In my zone 5b Canadian garden, the canes are 4' to 6' long. I have it planted beside a Bridal Wreath Spirea and the canes poke out through the shrub. In spring, it shows off with huge single bright pink blooms, just as the sprirea is winding down. Like most old roses, it doesn't repeat. In the UK it's traditionally grown to grow up through large shrubs, intermingling with the greenery. I layered a cane a couple of years ago and now have two, so I can transplant it to the spirea directly across from it, at the entrance to the cottage garden. "Complicata" rose  is a perfect addition to a romantic garden. I love that it does as it pleases with little argument from the gardener.

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