Monday, July 13, 2015

Garden Inspiration for Your Children

Our little world is changing. People are giving over their front lawns to growing veggies and herbs. Gardeners everywhere are thinking about growing for the future and doing it organically. If a child learns about gardening at a young age, she will have a healthy future that doesn't involve foods grown with genetically modified seed or with pesticides. Teach them a love of gardening and the healthiest methods will take care of themselves in time. The key is to inspire.

The Kid-Gardener's Planting Book for Parents by Chris Eirschele will show you how to nurture this love of gardening in children. It is filled with inspirational ideas that will spark your child's interest and curiosity.

Eirschele's book makes gardening fun (and not just for the kiddies). I've been a gardener most of my life, but I still  learned a few things from this book, so this might also be a good read for beginning gardeners as well.

This planting book talks about everything from handling small garden tools, to making gardens that will interest children such as fairy gardens, gardens filled with bold-shaped and colorful flowers, indoor gardens. It teaches them a respect for nature, its sounds, touch, scent and taste, along with a respect for the pollinating insects so important to our future. It makes growing veggies fun.

Chris Eirschele is a Master Gardener and respected garden writer with a bounty of plant knowledge. For more information, please see her Stay Gardening blog.

The Kid-Gardener's Planting Book for Parents is published by Decoded Science and is available in print and e-book forms, via Amazon and Smashwords.
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