Friday, May 18, 2012

The Gift of Flowers

Spring. The time for picking flowers, taking bouquets of lilacs to granny and the time for weddings.

If your bridesmaids have gardens, the gift of a rose plant is an ideal token of thanks, something enduring. Pick one with a suitable name to commemorate the day. There is a floribunda rose called Dainty Maid and another called Dusky Maid,  a tea rose called White Wings, and another tea rose called Silver Wedding.  There are literally thousands of rose varieties and numerous online rose nurseries who will ship the roses. Their online catalogs will help the bride to choose a suitably named rose.

If your bridesmaids don't have gardens, why not say it with flowers. Consider giving them each a year's delivery of fresh cut flowers. It's  truly a unique gesture. Even a single rose would be perfect and not as costly as a full bouquet.
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